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Gabriels Projects: Environmental Roundtables

Education is a high priority component of the mission of the San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy (SGMRC). The Environmental Roundtables are one notable example of the education emphasis of SGMRC. The Roundtables have emerged through the years as a regional educational forum focused on timely topics and presented to the public and decision-makers, as a Gateway to Knowledge. The Roundtables "conservation conversations," started in 1999 and are scheduled monthly from September to May. Check the Roundtables listings on the website for flyer announcements.

Topics addressed at the Roundtables have focused on various subjects of interest from bighorn sheep to water issues, from environmental education to open space protection, from fire ecology to watershed management. The Roundtables are planned in conjunction with cities, agencies, or other public groups and are held in different locations throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Recent Roundtable titles included "A Regional Water Supply Primer", "Reconnecting the San Gabriel Valley", "Discovering our Equestrian Community", "Constructed Wetlands and Emerging Health Issues". Audience attendance at the Roundtables have numbered from 20 to more than 200. The Roundtables are free and open to the public.

The Roundtables are designed to inform, to initiate dialogue, to network, to build relationships, and/or to forge new partnerships. Examining issues that are new, or that deserve more in-depth consideration than a headline or brief summary is an important contribution of the Roundtables to local and regional education.

SGMRC has received a number of kudos from local to state level for the Roundtables, as one of its many educational projects! Most importantly, the Roundtables have provided valued services to a wide audience - generating interesting ideas, promoting collaborative solutions, offering assistance to groups, plus developing consensus and good will.

Look for the Roundtable flyers/announcements and calendars under Updates.

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