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Gabriels Projects: "Reconnecting the San Gabriel Valley"

RECONNECTING THE SAN GABRIEL VALLEY:  A Planning Approach for the Creation of Interconnected Urban Wildlife Corridor Networks (June 2000) has become a Gateway Document of SGMRC for land use, grant writing, and strategic planning in the San Gabriel Valley.
Toward a regional "sense of place"
When envisioning habitat restoration and preservation, few people imagine the intense grid of the San Gabriel Valley.Indeed, even most lifelong residents of the valley are at a loss to describe any natural features in the Valley at all, much less any worth preserving or enhancing.  And yet, numerous natural [areas], some quite large defy the choking constraints of intense urbanization and thrive here.  A number of these [areas] still boast greater biodiversity than many pristine habitats in other less developed areas of the country.

Reconnecting the San Gabriel Valley
June 2000

The full study is available in in this PDF file - ReconnectingTheSanGabrielValley.pdf (36M).  Additionally, a few of the appendices are available below in a clearer format.



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