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Areas of Interest: Education Connections

An Essential Planning Element for All Levels

Education is a Gateway which must continually be re-defined, re-connected, and re-implemented. Education that is meaningful is never truly finished.

Education is always a priority in planning and decision-making for SGMRC.

Gabriels Projects demonstrate the continuing importance of education as theme, vehicle, tool, and product in sustaining successes of innovative and creative projects.

You can tell how important education is to SGMRC by the inclusion of education at all levels of planning and implementation.

Some of the many Gabriels Education Projects include:

  • Reconnecting the San Gabriel Valley
  • Environmental Roundtables
  • The Nature Center
  • WOW Conference
  • and more . . .

Conservation Conversations - Talk to us about your thoughts on Education ideas, needs, projects, partnerships. Send us ideas on how you can become involved as we work together regionally for better Education in environment, watershed, health, and quality of life. Join us at the Education Gateway! Add your name to the e-mail list.

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