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Calendar of Events and Activities

Nature Center events and activities are listed on the calendar at www.sgm-conservancies.info.  Stop by to see what is going on that could be fun for you and your family.

Ethnobotany Walk at the SFD Nature Center

On Saturday, June 20th, join members of the Kizh Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians for an Ethnobotany walk around the grounds of the Santa Fe Dam Nature Center from 9am to 12pm.

The Tribe uses many of the native flora found at the Santa Fe Dam and is passionate about teaching the youth how today’s communities can still benefit from the local native plants.

Are Always Needed!

Many opportunities:

  • Work with kids
  • Meet new people
  • Have fun
  • Lead projects
  • Lead nature walks
  • Participate in events
  • Work at a Nature Center
  • and more

We are a nonprofit organization
Call Now!  (626) 267-2316 or
Email: SGMRC.outreach@sgrmc.org

Although the Ethnobotany walk is intended for the youth, all ages are welcome.

See you there!  More information on this flyer.

First Anniversary after the Colby Fire

The San Gabriel Valley Tribune on January 13, 2015, did a nice photo display of the progress the lands affected by the Colby Fire and subsequent floods have made a year after the devastating fire.  You can review the progress by visiting photos.sgvtribune.com/2015/01/13/photos-hillsides-recovering-a-year-after-the-colby-fire/#1.

Colby Fire

The Colby fire impacted four of the SGMRC properties.

  1. Click on the map for more detail.
    Colby Trail Watershed Properties
  2. Upper Colby Trail / Glendora Mountain Road Watershed Properties
  3. Easley Canyon / North Watershed Properties
  4. Vasquez Rancho / East Watershed Properties

100% goes to
You can help by making a donation through PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account.  100% of the donation will go to restoration.

The Colby Fire broke out early Thursday morning (Jan. 16, 2014) and raced downhill into residential areas, destroying the Glendora watershed and sending smoke billowing into the air that was visible throughout Southern California.

Death of a Trail:  Give the region hope for soon return of this popular trail through your donations and your service hours - The Colby Trail (owned and managed by the Glendora Conservancy).  Thank you.
Photo by Dr. Scott Kinnes
For the San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy (SGMRC), it's been more than a grueling and heart-wrenching past few days, an overwhelming loss of more than half of the watershed properties.  The Colby Trail and properties was the very first watershed property investment made by the Conservancies (Glendora Conservancy and SGMRC), held, managed, and stewarded for more than two decades.  The most recent tally of fire damage land assessments (which protect our native water supplies for Glendora and the region) totaled 400 acres lost/gone/toast of the 700 acres of Conservancy-owned watershed properties in the San Gabriel Foothills Corridor.

The Conservancies are back to square one, but not without hope.  The losses of wildlife, plant communities, endangered species, and natural resources are immeasurable and uncountable.

Photo by Peter Scott
Operation Phoenix for watershed lands recovery is already in motion.  When the First Responders leave, the Conservancies already have the promise of recovery and renewal with commitment and promise of the CCC/LACFD, APU, and regional teachers and professors offering to help with fire ecology research, student projects, Scouts, rehabilitation, and recovery/restoration projects.  The second phase of responders is already in motion and we invite all to participate in some way to be included in Operation Phoenix - rising from the ashes.

Photo by Peter Scott
It also should be pointed out with thankfulness that one of the miracles of the Colby Fire has been the Children's Forest Project - spared from the fires burning right up to the boundaries of this restoration project of more than a hundred oaks planted in October 2013.  Our next planting and invitation to all to be a part is set for Saturday, February 1.

The message of the Conservancies is, "We are here, counting the cost, planning for the future, and the dream continues."

Watershed Workshops, Forums, Speakers, Presentations, Projects

If your neighborhood, group, or crew is interested in Watershed Workshops and/or Forums, as well as Water Conservation, Native Plant Gardens, and Habitat Restoration Projects, contact us to set up a Workshop or Training.  Registration is required for workshops of 10 - 15.

Contact us to schedule Wildflowers of the Local Trails speakers and presentations, as well as Wildflower Walks (plus Weed Walks and presentations too).

If you are one of the fortunate communities with a local conservancy or land trust, ask about the Regional Conservancies Roundtables & Projects Workshops by contacting director@sgmrc.org.

Wildflowers of the San Gabriel Mountains
Wildflowers of the San Gabriel Mountains

Readers of this user-friendly guide can swiftly and successfully identify the blooms with vibrant color photographs capturing both the plant in its full glory and the intricacies of each blossom.

The total cost including shipping is $15.
To order this guide and more, please visit the SGMRC Store.

The book is sold out at this time, but we are working on a second edition and will update the site when available.

Galster Wilderness Nature CenterSanta Fe Dam and Galster Wilderness Nature Center education opportunities.  Please stop by both the Nature Center Network web page and the Galster Wilderness Nature Center web page for more information.

Welcome to the gateway to the San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy (SGMRC), a nonprofit public benefit corporation. SGMRC is devoted to watershed management and a great variety of other projects in the San Gabriel River Watershed of eastern Los Angeles County. Included in the region are the San Gabriel Mountains, River, Valley and related areas.

Our mission is to promote the preservation of land and/or buildings for historic, educational, ecological, recreational, or open space opportunities. You play a huge part in completing this mission.

Great headway has been made since 1997 when the SGMRC was established in developing numerous partnership activities and in grants and donations made to the conservancies and land trusts of the San Gabriel Valley. Among such recent planning efforts and transactions for preservation, more than 2,000 acres of open space have been strategically targeted to protect watershed, regional wildlife, open space corridors and mutual resource protection for multiple purposes. Your help is needed in many ways to assist in this mission and to protect the watershed of the San Gabriel River from its headwaters in the mountains to the Pacific Ocean at Seal Beach.  One third of the land, the water, and the people of Los Angeles are served by the San Gabriel River Watershed.  Celebrate with SGMRC - 15th Anniversary in 2012!

The backbone of the San Gabriel Mountains Regional Conservancy is the many people who devote their time to the organization. There are a number of volunteer opportunities that may interest you as Docents, Trail Guides, Office Personnel, Program Presenters and Program Assistants at the Santa Fe Dam and Galster Wilderness Park Nature Center. There are committees being formed, coffee klatches being held and workshops scheduled to which you may be able to contribute.

Projects are underway through SGMRC that may be of particular interest to you and to which you could offer expertise and time. These include the Santa Fe Dam and Galster Wilderness Park Nature Center and adjoining Native Plant Garden Project, Environmental Roundtables, Mitigation Projects, Land Acquisition Planning and Projects, as well as the comprehensive San Gabriel River Watershed Management Plan. As you can see, there are many different interests that may match your own and we really need your input and assistance.

Donations, of course, are always welcome. Donations can be cash, in-kind donations, office space, a life insurance policy with SGMRC as the beneficiary, land and/or historic buildings. You could donate your historic home to the organization and continue to live there for your lifetime.

We would be happy to hear from local and regional agencies and organizations that offer grants for which we may apply that would assist in the acquisition and management of watershed properties.

Please explore this gateway at your leisure. Comments, suggestions, questions, donations and offers of assistance may be sent to:

P.O. Box 963
Glendora, CA 91740

or e-mailed to director@sgmrc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

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